<< ... where the great oak casts its imposing shadow...>>.
This is what our old ancestor said when he decided to build a new dwelling for his family and so around that century-old tree a small village slowly grew up. Trade with the Habsburg empire induced them to build an underground wine cellar, which was ideal for keeping the must just pressed in the vat room above. By means of a modern and technically ingenious mechanism, the must was channelled into wooden casks through specially provided openings in the ceiling of the cellar, which can still be seen clearly nowadays.

The Gradnik winery can be said to have started its vine-growing activities in 1870. Gradimiro Gradnik, known as Miro di Plessiva, found the courage to plough these difficult lands and bring vines to them. He was among the first to sell wine in bottles in the Collio area. However easy it may seem today, in the Sixties this was most avant-garde. From then on the Gradnik winery has been committed to high quality wine production which respects the best traditions of Collio. The winery is located behind Cormons, in Plessiva, at 110 meters above sea level, on the ridge of the Italian Collio. The vineyards, which are completely southward facing, have been gradually renewed and re-planted with choice grapes. The soil is of a marly and calcareous to clayey type; the virgin soils which have been ploughed gradually crumble away during the winter and create an ideal substratum for the growth of vines. Today, Miro's daughter, Neda is carrying on his work together with her own children, with discernment and wisdom. Up there, a few metres from the Slovenian border, the Gradniks wait for those who appreciate good wine at their inn.
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